The Rebecca’s Green Gold s.r.l., located in the province of Foggia, is a solid and dynamic company in the field of selection, processing and distribution of vegetables. It represents an example of experience, continuity and marketing of goods such as broccoli, broccoli rapa, cauliflowers, tomatoes, parsley, asparagus, courgettes, etc...
Our company arises from the passion for the land, which has led our family to cultivate vegetables generation after generation. The emotional bond with the area where we live has progressively allowed us to expand our customer portfolio to the North of Italy and even abroad and to address the products towards the large retail sector.
Our headquarter has been expanded and improved along the years. It consists of specific areas for the processing, the packaging, the storage (refrigerators), the handling and the shipping of goods. The personnel and the facilities allow the company to process, in average, 200 quintals/day and 40000 quintals/year of row product overall.
The row products, accurately selected and picked up, play the key role in determining the quality that we offer. The excellence achieved by our products in only 24 hours of selection, processing and packaging brings them “from the land to You”. The considerable care for the product and the attention for the customer represent the core of our activities.
“Care”, for us, means selecting with accuracy the row products, applying special processes and keeping the goods “healthy”, allowing us to ask the customer for the most precious value: his trust. Today, the Rebecca’s Green Gold has achieved important, high-quality standards, while keeping the care, the attention and the dedication through which we build our success.
I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.
Andy Warhol
/ Artist